Picture This!

May 14, 2006

Just a few pictures you might like to see:

Rimberg Group
You may have seen this on our group’s page, but here it is again. Left to right, we have: [Back Row] Tim, Brian (undergrad), Feng (post-doc), Joel (grad student); [Front Row] = Madhu (grad student), Zhongqing (grad student), Weiwei (grad student), Alex (responsible adult), Mary (undergrad).

Linda, Doug, and Jake
The folks I live with: Linda and Doug Davies, along with Jake (behind Doug) and the rear end of Zoe (off to the left); photo taken soimetime last winter, probably December 2004.

Here’s some of the dogs and cats we live with; Sam is the eldest and biggest (and therefore the boss), Jake is just a little younger (but a lot smaller), and both of them are street mutts adopted when Doug and Linda lived in LA seven years ago; Zoe is the purebred golden retriever who’s going on four years old.
Sam and Jake relaxing
Sam and Jake in the pasture
Zoe and Jake in the snow
Typically snowy Zoe in winter
Sam, knee deep in snow

Well, that’s about all for now. It sounds like you and your mom have a nice Mother’s Day ahead of y’all. I already spoke to my mom this morning, and I’ll call my grandmother and probably a couple of my aunts a little later on today, once I know they’re home for the evening.

Back to work for me: I need to work more on my proposal presentation in addition to trying to port my written report from Word to LaTeX, the prefferred document software for scientific writing.

One more thing: I’ve been enjoying “All the Traditions” on Vermont Public Radio this afternoon, as I like to do when I’m inside or stuck at my desk on Sunday afternoons. It runs from 2-5 PM every Sunday and features a knowledgeable host whose well-steeped in local musical tradtions and happenings. You can give a listen sometime using the VPR webcast; just head over to their website and tune in. Today’s show has featured a live in-studio performance by folk singers from Quebec; all of the songs have been in French, but I’m still enjoying them. 🙂

Talk to you again soon! Missing you!


One Response to “Picture This!”

  1. timandsara Says:

    I knew I had seen that picture of Linda, Dave and the dogs from somewhere! It was your yahoo photos page, which I need to go back and look at again.

    I missed hearing today’s All the Traditions broadcast, but will try to check it out next weekend. Here’s their
    playlist from today if you wanted to see it.

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