May 16, 2006

WordPress does have a stealth mode like we found, post-level password protection, and plugins available for assigning privacy levels. I've tested these last 2 options (unsuccessfully, but I need to try again). I'm still finding livejournal easier to use, and definitely faster running, but it's probably worth giving the WordPress functions some more tries. I probably just need to spend half an hour or so with the instructions and I'd have more luck with the plugins and such.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know that a request to pack our bags might be forthcoming!


2 Responses to “WordPress”

  1. timandsara Says:

    What do you mean by a “request to pack our bags”?

    I’m confused…

    …but then again, that happens a lot, so maybe it’s no big deal. 😛

  2. timandsara Says:

    Just a “Hey, wanna ditch this joint and move to Livejournal instead?” Thought I’d prepare you for that to deter you from customizing the site with a bunch of neon pink polka dots with little stripes that took you 2 hours to program!

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